Are you looking to host a party that your friends and family will never forget?

Imagine your nearest & dearest arriving at your party to see some Giant Hat Tipis ready to enchant them and create memories that will last forever - Their expressions will be priceless!

We are able to help create your dream events in our Giant Hat Tipis. With a choice of different finishing touches available, your party will be unique to you! The layouts and floor plans can be created to your exact requirements. We can work with you to make sure your party is something that you will never forget. Our Tipis create such a great atmosphere that your guests will not want to leave - You could always book them into theMagical Camping Hotelthough! 

If you are looking to host a Winter Wonderland Party, our Tipis really come to life with a choice of heating options, including open fires and in-direct diesel heaters, you guests will stay warm and cosy!

If you would like to see our Tipis in action, please contact us to register your interest - We would love to hear from you!