Let us have light! We can create some great effects with our lighting

There are a number of ways to achieve this but below are the most popular ways!

Fairy Lights 

We can provide strings of fairy lights wrapped around the poles, highlighting the lovely grain of the Norwegian timber. We can also provide nets of fairy lights draped from the crossbar supports of the Tipi's down to the floor on the closed sides. The fairy lights will twinkle away creating a great atmosphere. 

Pin Spot Lights & Uplighters

Our Spot Lights will create floods of light onto tables and benches or dance floors and stage areas. These are mounted on the Tipi Crossbar supports at over 3 metres in height and create some lovely areas along with the Uplighters. These will be aimed towards the Apex of the Tipi to illuminate the the tops of the Tipis - These have the option to change colour to create some great visual effects both inside and out! 

Disco Ball

The Disco Ball can add a great ambience and some stunning patterns on the canvas of the tent. Hung from the top of the Apex, it will rotate to create small reflections of light on to the fabric. A must for any party!

If there are any other lighting ideas that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with us and if we cannot help, we will know somebody that can!