Fireplace & Heating

Create a cosy intimate area for your guests!

Having an open fire will give your guests a great focal point and add to the ambience of your event. 


The fireplaces are specially designed to be used with the Giant Hat Tipis. They must be positioned in the centre of the Tipi to allow the smoke to rise up and escape through the smoke flaps. If used sensibly, the fire poses no risk. We even provide heat logs which are to be used on the fire. Please note that you will have to sign to say that you understand the safe use of our fireplaces. Although the fireplaces are a wonderful feature of the Tipi, they do only give a localised heat and therefore recommend the use of our in-direct diesel heaters for the colder months. 

In-direct Diesel Heaters

These are positioned outside the tents and are ducted in under the canvas of the Tipis. These are more than adequate to heat the space and have a built in thermostat to keep the area at a constant/comfortable temperature. We have used them when the outside temperature has been -5 degrees and they have kept the structure at a steady 22 degrees! Our Diesel heater will run for around 12 hours continuously before needing to be refuelled.