Flooring and staging

Dance the night away with your friends and family!

We have a number of options available - The most popular choices are below - 


We use DandyDura ® woven matting on top of a breathable membrane floor. We have a colour that is neutral and compliments the colour of the Giant Hat Tipi colour. This flooring is extremely durable and allows us to pressure was and clean the flooring before each use. This means it is resistant to stains, rot and smells. 

Dance floors

We can provide a 4 metre x 4 metre parquet wooden dance floor for you and your guests to dance away on. This will provide space for around 50-60 people dancing at anyone time. If you require something larger, we have a number of contacts that may be able to help. 


We have staging available to create a 4.8 metre x 2.4 metre area. This is 30 cm's high and covered in black fabric. This will give space for bands or guest speakers at your event. We can provide details on companies that offer bespoke stages for your events if you require something different. 

If you would rather have no flooring, this can work subject to the location and ground condition of your event. This works especially well for woodland weddings that requires a natural theme!